The principles of nature

At the core of the Nature series is the implementation of optimal form and function while sustaining the minimalism that is so inherent in the Clarks DNA. Inspired by the foot in every aspect of its build, the Nature collection is intent on creating natural fit and feel footwear.


At Clarks, we’re obsessed with our craft and draw inspiration from the perfect simplicity and inherent efficiency found in the elements and nature.

Reubyn Ash

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Touted as the best surfer, in the UK Reubyn Ash “started actually surfing, as in paddling into waves and standing up, doing it all for myself, at four”.His lifelong obsession became a way of life and now he travels the world, chasing the waves and taking time to enjoy the moments that matter.

The evolution of Nature

Blending craft and innovation to retain the efficiency of simplicity.

Birth of an Icon: Nature I - III

Redefined. Redesigned. Reborn Nature IV

Evolved Nature Nature V

Force of nature Star Wars